Monday, 13 February 2012


What is Mailvu?What does it do?

Mailvu is a total free and handy tool to send video email just like sending normal ones. The time limit is 10 minutes. This process includes three steps and they are making the webcam ready for recording,clicking to start record and sending it to different email adresses including yours.Besides, if you sign for the free account, you can enjoy some options to edit your video before sending it.

Why is this particular tool or technology relevant to language learning? What approaches to languague learning or research underpin the use of this technology?

This digital tool can be well applied into practicing speaking in Enlish teaching. It is generally acknowledged that speaking ability is comparatively the weakest skill amang the four language skills. In China, students mainly foucus on listening, reading as well as writing rather than speaking under the national education system. But this technology can alter the traditional ways of homeworks as well as the way of submitting the them.

How you might use it to foster language learning in class/outside class?

This tool can be used for the after-class assignment based on developing speakig. Teachers can ask students to record their speeches or work in pairs to produce something together and send these to teachers. Teachers can also send their feedbacks via mailvu.

The advantages of Mailvu:
. Teachers can record a video and send this directly to students as feedbacks.
. Students can also record their speeches or prononciations and send these to their teachers.
. This kind of video email can save both students and teachers time to interact with each other.

. The length of this recording is only 10 minutes.
. Students may lose their interest on speaking to a machine after several times if no stimulating activities are involved.
. The process of handing homework and waiting for teacher's feedback has time delay problem.

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