Friday, 20 January 2012

Todays Meet

An Great Platform for the Online Group Discussion
What is it? What does it do?

Todays Meet is a convenient online website for posting different kinds of ideas in a online room which can be simply built. This website is extremely suitable for the group discussion in class.

Why is this particular toolor technology relevant to language learning? What approaches to language learning or research underpin the use of this technology?

In a classroom, teahers always try to encourage students to speak out their own thoughts. However, owing to the limited time, only a few can get the chances to express their ideas. Todays Meet can make everyone in class have the opportunity to convey what's in their minds on Todays Meet. Additionally, for those who don't have the courage to deliver their opinions in  front of people, this is also an absolutly great tool to them. Most importantly, via this tool, the organiser can get all the messsages from all participants without missing any.

How might you use it to foster language learning in class/outside class?

The biggest advantage of it is it's so simple to use. Just name your room, set the time for deleting the room and yolur room is ready to use. All participants only need to enter the built room and they are free to post their ideas out there. I prefer to use it within the class in the purpose of encouraging all of them to have their own thoughts expressed freely.

  •  Limits of 140 characters of each comment.
  •  Todays Meet have the only function of posting messages.

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