Thursday, 26 January 2012

Self Introduction

What is it? What does it do?

My brainshark is kind of software that can add sound easily into different kinds of file such as powerpoint presentation, document, PDF etc.

Why is this particular tool or technology relevant to language learning? What approaches to language learning or research underpin the use of this technology?

In the four interrelated skills, speaking is becoming increasingly significant in current world. Generally speaking, speaking is an ability based on the other three skills and a quite number of students are afraid of speaking English in the public because they worry about making mistakes. This obstacle is a big barrier for language learners and in this case attractive learner-centered speaking tool need to be come up with. Mybrainshark is one of them. This tool can be used to practice students speaking and get them another stimulating way of speaking.

How you might use it to foster language learning in class/outside class?

There are numerous ways of using mybrainshark on ELT. As for the language trainers, they can use it in all the three phases of teaching like pre-class, in-class as well as after-class activities. They can make the PPT and add their voice into each page correspondingly about the teaching material, homework etc. Similarly, students can make presentation with sound to practice their speaking. For instance, making a self-introduction PPT and could let the audience know more vividly with their vocal narration. The following one is my self-introduction with using my brainshark. Please feel free to comment on it.

Limitations of mybrainshark:

  • Some hardware equipments requirements for using mybrainshark like the quality of the microphone and good connection with the Internet.


  1. What a stimulating self introduction. I like it!

  2. Nice job, Iris:) I loved the pictures of you in New Zealand. They're absolutely stunning! Also, I can't agree more on the weather that makes people sleepy here in UK~haha~

  3. nice voice, hah. love you.(*^__^*) 嘻嘻……

  4. Xiaocai will be a famous duck star after you introduce her into the public!!

  5. I love ur voice in the video~ Fantastic

  6. Adding my comment to the others as you invited us to - fantastic photos! I would love to see New Zealand one day. Now the days are getting longer you might find it easier to stay awake - hope you are enjoying Spring in UK!